FAQs & Abouts




Who We Are?

2 people (a couple, some would argue) with passion for travel and photography

Where are we from?

both originally from Slovakia (yeah, that's Europe), we used to live here (Slovakia), then over there (Canada) and now back here (Slovakia) for some time again

What do we do?

pretty much just work and travel and work and travel, mostly Europe and North America, but we have been aiming for Asia and Africa for quite some time, so it's definitely coming

Why do we do this?

seems like there is no reason for that other than the fact that we like it

Is there an Instagram or some other social network account? 

What a great question! Yes, there is Instagram @2AbroadOnTheRoad & Twitter on @2AbroadTravel 

And maybe one really old abandoned site?

There is also another old long-abandoned website on www.vlke.sk (Last update 2012 I believe)