Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Pripyat

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On the way to Pripyat, you can make a stop at abandoned day care in of smaller villages in the area. It's completely overgrown by trees, basically in the middle of woods, but still in fairly good shape. The thing is that radiation around it is quite high, so it might be better to follow guide and the exact path on the way there and back. Just 1 meter away from the 'sidewalk' radiation goes instantly trough the roof.

It gets little better inside, it just might not be completely safe to wander around for too long. I would love to know whether all the stuff inside has actually always been like that, or whether is at least part of it set up. It's just so cool looking (well in a very weird way of course) that it is hard to believe that it's real.


Abandoned Day Care Center near Chernobyl


Abandoned Day Care Center near Chernobyl


The closer you get to the power plant - Pripyat area, the more extreme radiation signs you will see around the road, and your geiger counter goes off all the time. At some point, you will finally arrive to Pripyat Checkpoint. Another short control of permits, time to have a smoke or try to utilize high-class washroom next to the checkpoint (well, it's maybe not as high-class as you would think:-)

That's probably also the time when you will realize that you are actually not in a forest, but in a city ... or at least somewhere where it used to be a city at some point.


School in Pripyat


Gas masks left in class & City swimming pool


There is way too many interesting spots and things to see in Pripyat. One could spend days wandering around and not get bored, but most people will get just one afternoon. Some buildings are safe to walk in, some are not. Some of those that are you will be allowed to explore from inside too. You can see places like swimming pool, school, supermarket, some shops and apartments, a caffee and so on. But in general, just walking through places such as notorious amusement park with old Ferris Wheel and bumper cars has its specific sick vibe.