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All in all, trip to Chrnobyl exclusion zone is well worth going, in case you are at least a little curious about that kind of stuff. It's not really a funny place and it should not be. I would definitely recommend to check out one documentaries at the end of this article and do a bit of research on your own. 

In our case, our tour guide was quite awesome and enthusiastic and Alexey (that government guy) was actually a person who used to live there and knows pretty much everything about the region and all events connected to disaster.

And since we were absolutely satisfied with our tour, you can find that company here: (and if you decide to use their services, you hopefully won't be disappointed :-))


One of few inhabitants with permanent address in Pripyat


Check out giant catfish chilling in water right next to reactor, they surely are doing well ...


In case you are interested in knowing more about the actual events, there is one documentary going mainly through events leading to the accident here:

Zero Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl Discovery Channel (2004) (Youtube) English

Nultá Hodina: Černobyl (Youtube) Česky

And one about the following events and actions taken in order to prevent something even way worse from happening:

The True Battle of Chernobyl Uncensored (Youtube) English

Bitva O Černobyl (Youtube) Česky