Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Nuclear Power Plant

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After we have checked on almighty (and useless) Russian Woodpecker, let's move on to the actual power plant. Number one, that thing is giant too. The original plan was to built 12 reactors in total and create a nuclear super-cluster. But as always, it didn't work out that well. After the accident of reactor n.4, level of radiation was as high, so there was no other option then scraping another magnificent visionary plan. Yet again ...

In fact, there is still quite high number of workers working at the power plant, practically making sure that everything stays safe and the situation around blown reactor doesn't get worse. 



Sickly interesting is also the fact, that Soviets tried to cover up the accident and spent well over a day pretending that nothing serious had happened. It was Sweden (yeah, that's not USSR), who after 2 days finally pointed their finger on USSR. Before that, they measured increased levels of radiation around one of their own nuclear power plants and started to panic. But what they really measured was radiation from Chernobyl which was slowly spreading over Europe, carried by wind. Under this pressure, Soviets finally revealed the truth and asked for help. At the end though, almost entire Europe was impacted by the radiation cloud, more or less.


Maximum safe level of radiation is 0.3, there is almost 7 just 2 steps away from the road. They call those "Hot Spots"